We offer online consults (via Skype / Whatsapp / Uber) to help you go through the practical implementation of the whole food plant-based lifestyle. The first 20-minute consult is free.

Have you decided to switch to a whole food plant-based diet? Fantastic! You’ve made one of the most important decisions of your life. Probably you are having some doubts about how to implement this lifestyle. It can be overwhelming at first. With some simple tips and guidance you will be better able to transition quickly and smoothly. These are some common things that you are probably experiencing:

  • How can I implement this way of eating in my daily life (at home, in work, on the road, during holidays)?

  • How can I deal with my questioning, critical or even worried family and friends?

  • How can I enjoy dining out in restaurants without stressing about food?

  • How can I fill my kitchen with food and appliances to make meal preparation easy?

  • Where should I go shopping, and what should I buy?

  • What and how should I cook?

  • Need some motivational support on the journey?

If these are questions and doubts you are currently having, you’ll find great value in our consulting services. The consults are aimed at practical implementation of the whole food plant-based diet. The first 20-minute consult is free. During this session we’ll assess your current situation and briefly go through some questions you have. If you’d like, we can then book more consults to ensure all your questions and doubts are resolved so that you can have a smooth transition.

Note: Our consulting services are not meant for medical advice.


The first 20-minute consult is free. Subsequent consults are 50 minutes. We want to make these consults available for all, therefore you can choose between the following three prices for the 50-minute consult:

Low rate: €12,50 or $15,-

Medium rate: €20,- or $25,-

High rate: €27,50 or $35,-

Income from consults will be used to create more educational materials for GingerKale, including videos, articles and e-books.

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